I believe in inspiring people to explore new choices, henSlide1ce getting closer to who they want to be and what they want to achieve.  As an accredited life coach since 2013, I use an array of coaching techniques to help my clients explore their strengths and possibly their self-limiting beliefs so that they may live a full life meeting all their aspirations.

Coaching is a form of collaboration that takes place between the coach and the client, on the basis of mutual trust and rapport. It means regular discussions to explore the client’s aspirations and to identify ways to get closer to make these a reality, hence reaching his or her full potential. The discussions are self-exploring, thought-provoking and challenging and can happen face-to-face, over the phone or via Skype. The coaching dialogs are available in English, Spanish and Hungarian.

I have had clients of various backgrounds such as senior managers, project and program managers, consultants, volunteers, young mothers in transition with their lives, etc.

Through coaching they have been delving into topics such as:

– career change – work enhancement – change leadership
– inter-cultural adaptation – time management – health management
– stress management – priority setting – and many other subjects

Everyone has an aspiration that they want to pursue either in their personal or in their professional lives.  Often the real challenge is to find the courage to take the first steps towards their vision of self. I believe everyone can get closer to who they want to be as long as there is a readiness and commitment to explore what holds them back while facing self-limiting beliefs and taking steps towards making their dreams a reality.

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coaching case study from my portfolio:

Topic: The next career move with work-life balance 

Daniel (this is a fictitious name in light of my confidentiality agreement with the client) was a bright and successful 29-year-old strategic consultant. He wanted to explore different career paths to further build his professional aspirations, whilst also improving his work-life balance. He wanted coaching so that an impartial and trained professional would be able to guide him purely through questions in his search for answers.

As we started our regular dialogs, Daniel explained to me that whilst he was achieving the results he was expected to at work, often reaching beyond boundaries at his bosses’ great satisfaction, he felt that he had outgrown his job, and his enthusiasm had declined. At first he was convinced that with a career change he would be happy, but after the initial discussions it was clear that he had to take some time to holistically look at how he lived his life and where he wanted the real change to happen. 

In our coaching we managed to identify eight key areas in his life that really mattered to him, that made him feel at his best and fully alive. It turned out that all areas had a direct influence in his shaping of the ideal job. “First things first’ was our motto as he first needed to get the basics right: how can he create the environment where he could perform at his best? He wanted a life with an international flair, with ambitious daydreamers who act for their dreams, who don’t take no for an answer and who know when to stop work and enjoy all the wonders the world has to offer. Daniel described that he would want to share time with them during work, leisure time and whilst doing sports. Then he realised he was not just describing the people he wanted to have around him, but he described himself in the desired future!  He wanted love and great connections with those who mattered to him, he wanted adventures in the world, yet contributing to the welfare of his community, too. Money, the area that at first was considered high on the importance ranking, turned out to be the seventh in his list of what really mattered.

Recognising that not everything at first sight or first thought is what really needs to be changed, he developed a picture of his future as a whole, and let the career move shape up depending on how it would fit into a more fulfilling life. His determination to find the next steps gave him all the energy he needed: he started work earlier so that to be able to complete his assignments earlier, and to be able to go to do regular sports and spend more quality time with his other half. Each time he defined simple actions that took a leap in his search for the best next steps. After our sessions, Daniel had a clearer image of the future he wanted for himself and a seven-item list of the next job he wanted to get.

Two and a half months later he got “that” job and currently is looking at the next challenging opportunities to keep growing.

When we concluded our coaching dialogs, he wrote: “Margit’s techniques supported me in more clearly identifying the core goals in my professional and private life as well as coming up with tangible actions on how to achieve these goals. Before the coaching my view of these goals was blurry and contradictory and she helped me with a structured view and approach.”. A few months later the wish list he outlined for the job brought several opportunities to Daniel, and he continuously evaluated his position with the criteria to identify matches/mismatches. According to his last messages, he is today, in January 2015, in the position he aspired for.

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