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Testimonials about Coaching, around various topics:

Improve my work…

“My expectations from the coaching were 1) taking time to reflect on my own personality, 2) analyzing feedback from others, and 3) how to better deal with conflicts, hence improve my work as an active leader. Margit is a great coach as she manages to build trustful relationships easily, manages in a very smart way to achieve the coaching results while still leaving enough flexibility for the specific needs of the coachee.”

– Verena Amonat, Vice President HR Project Portfolio Management –

The art course of my dreams, special time for myself and my daughter, tangible business goals

“Margit is an excellent coach. She enabled me to really identify my goals which were very different from what I thought they would be – and then achieve them. Since talking with Margit I got accepted on the art course of my dreams, managed to create special time for myself and my daughter and achieved tangible business goals which include expanding my portfolio. Margit has an amazing energy, she is very upbeat and positive and is a lot of fun to work with! I highly reccommend her as a coach.”

– Alix Edwards, Photographer & art facilitator –

Bringing clarity to what I really wanted…

“Margit’s techniques supported me in more clearly identifying the core goals in my professional and private life as well as coming up with tangible actions on how to achieve these goals. Before the coaching, my view of these goals was blurry and contradictory and she helped my with a structured view and approach.”

– Daniel Ludwig, Senior Consultant –

Increase my confidence in different areas…

“I sought Margit’s coaching services so that to get advice on how to manage a group at the work place, how to share my opinion with others and get more confidence with my language skills. I feel I have managed to work and improve on my confidence in all three areas with the help of my helpful, trustworthy, focused and patient coach.”

– Ewelina Z., Nursery Teacher –

Create a positive impact on my career life…

“The coaching experience with Margit was a very useful take-over lesson to have for any new up-coming career opportunities and challenges along my way. It helped me identify what needs to be changed and done in order to create a positive impact on my career life. The entire coaching exercise was certainly a challenge of its own for me to deal with but with the right level of support, involvement and cooperation with my coach I was pleased to have completed it. Margit led the sessions with great professionalism, demonstrating good listener skills and patience so I would not hesitate contacting her in future for another coaching season when necessary.”

– N. Nesic, Implementation Manager –

Identify my priorities

“Margit was great in helping me identify my priorities and the structured way she works with nicely kept me on track to take actions and tasks that would help me find my own answers. The preparation and tools that Margit used were great and made me feel I was with the right person. I look back at what has happened since and I can see the benefits of the process.”

– Alexandra Arias Gonzales, Tender & After Sales Manager –

Help me to organize my ideas, simply by asking me the right questions…

“Margit, was a great listener and helped me to organize my ideas, simply by asking me the right questions, and this afforded the opportunity to look into my actions and range of possibilities. Definitely, I feel that I have grown with the process, have clear ideas of my objectives, am committed and determined to succeed, and most important I believe that I can make things happen.”

– Marilza de Souza, Entrepreneur –

I wanted to manage my business and career issues better

“At the beginning I had an idea about my business and career issues and how I would like to better manage those. With the support of Margit and the various tools she provided me, I got a deeper understanding of my situation and the goal changed to be more realistic and a major target was defined. Margit had a lot of very motivating questions and was very good at tracking the topics we covered. During the coaching I improved my self-awareness and now I am able to consider my situation from a fundamentally different aspect.”

– Z. Simon, Head of Small and Medium Enterprise Sales –

Looking at my life from a different angle

“Margit offered me what coaching really is about: the time and space to break down my uncomfortable situation into specific fields, and the readiness and the skills to help me figure out solutions instead of pushing me through a one-size-fits-all path. She gave me the assurance about taking my feelings, wishes, needs as well as my behavior in normal situations and under stress into account. Ultimately it was all very helpful to realize my personal vision and my goals concerning my contribution to our society.”

– M. Hidvegi, PhD Fellow –

My self-reflection was fundamental towards my personal goals

“My coaching with Margit was the most powerful coaching process that I have ever had. We began the sessions trying to understand and set my main personal goals and the behaviours that I would like to change. The self-reflection process was fundamental to understand my reality and the why of my personal goals. During the coaching process we defined together some goals and how I could track myself. During the last coaching sessions I realized what would work better and what was holding me back from my personal goals. Overall Margit’s coaching was an unforgettable experience. She helped me to understand myself and to realize why I behave and how I used to react regarding those personal goals set in the beginning of our coaching process. This was the main take-away for me. It was a pleasure to interact with her as she hasmade me feel able to realize what I need to change and improve.”

– Luisa von Walwitz Freitas, Analyst –

My time management was affecting my well-being, performance at work and even my family

“Margit is an excellent coach who challenged me through questions so that I had to think deeply to answer them. One issue I worked on was my time management.  I was  trying to do too many things and this was affecting my well-being, performance at work and even affecting my family. The coaching relationship with Margit got stronger after every session and I found her unique style of coaching to be excellent, very encouraging and supportive.  She coached me for a few months and today when I look back I feel so much happier for the improvement in my life. Once again it was very good having Margit as my coach. I already recommended her as a coach to one of my friends and I would also have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone else. I wish her success and a great journey in her career as a coach.”

– Marta Samson, Buyer –

I have a clearer picture of where I am now and where I want to head to, I feel more confident

“With the help of Margit, I managed to tidy up the chaos which was in my head about what I wanted to do, what was important to me, and what was making me happy. I have a clearer picture of where I am now and where I want to head to, and I feel more confident.”

– Jozsef Virag, General Practitioner HR –

I was challenged to step out of my comfort zone and learn more about myself

“Life coaching is a tool I never thought I would need or use. I found this experience very interesting though. Margit challenged me to step out of my comfort zone and this allowed me to explore who I am and who I forgot I was. I learnt about myself again and again.”

– Errie Smith, IT Specialist –

Margit coached me in my mother language (Spanish) which added great value to our discussion

“The impact of our coaching was excellent and promising! Margit gave me tools and significant help to act towards my objectives. We developed new tasks during each session and she constantly challenged me how I could improve my situation, hence giving me a sense of responsibility. She even agreed to coach me in my mother language (Spanish), which added great value to our discussions.”

– Omar Gonzales, Pricing Specialist –

Sometimes having just a general objective can be overwhelming

“Through coaching I got to think about my goals in life and what concrete steps I need to take to achieve them. I deep-dived into my goal so that to break it down into parts and work on it little by little – sometimes having just a general objective can be overwhelming and breaking down the goal into parts is really helpful to prioritize and take immediate action steps. We tracked the progress by discussion what I have done to achieve the identified action steps – this way, the coaching sessions help me to be focused and not to lose track of my goals.”

– Camille Ang , Product & Capacity Manager-

I developed a plan to achieve my career goals

“The coaching sessions helped me identify strong sides of my personality and my personal and professional aspirations. I could develop a plan of training and professional assignments that I would like to take in the nearest future to achieve my career goals. I appreciated the individual and flexible approach that helped me build a good rapport with Margit. Many thanks!”

– Young Professional, Audit and Compliance Services –

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