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Since childhood I have been surrounded with people who took pride in helping oth003 Bahrain - training a group at a workshopers grow. Those early impressions have paved a path for me to look for ways to inspire others to rise & shine; and I personally give and gain a lot of energy whilst doing so. Developing the capability of others and showing them a roadmap on how to put the ideas and learnings into practice has always been a passion for me. This is why training & consulting is so close to my heart.

I work with a wide range of topics that make a difference to the countless people around and, of course, to me, too.

cross-cultural understanding and collaboration – managing your resilience and energy, not just time cultural transformationcoaching
– leading and managing change, dealing with difficult stakeholders and resistance – facilitating the emotional ups and downs of change (e.g. system change, re-organisation, off-shoring, continuous improvement) – collaborative leadership programs

…and many other topics

Here are a few recent examples to give you an insight to the topics and the feedback from the participants:

Change Leadership programme with Coillte


Dublin, Ireland | Jun 2018 | 20 participants

“Good, practical experiences shared by Margit that we could identify with. Now we have the tools and techniques to bring back to work!”
Margit brought great energy and interactions, and the Open Space Technology was superb to help us get into our own stakeholder analysis and management.”

– Executives at Coillte

Collaborative and Result-Driven Leadership programme with the Dublin City Council


Dublin, Ireland | Feb 2018 | > 40 participants

“It was insightful, interactive and not just interesting but relevant!”
We had a lot of ideas from this well-structured session. Now it is up to us to make it happen.”

– Executives at the DCC

Cross-cultural Awareness & Management for the IMI Diploma in Business Development, and Graduate programmes of Ornua and Enterprise Ireland 

Dublin, Ireland | Feb 2015 | Jan 2016 | Jan & May 2017 | Jan & Feb & Jun 2018 | > 100 participants

5a45d44e-70eb-4822-9716-7b9f1d270339.JPG“The most interactive session!”
We learned with fun and discussed how to apply our learnings at work. Relevant, interesting and energetic training!”

– Participants of the Ornua Programme

“I had the pleasure of attending a ‘Cross – Cultural Understanding’ session run by Margit and I was very impressed by her knowledge, expertise & professionalism. The session was quite interactive and gave great depth to cultural variations and how best to adapt ones communication style for the cultural dynamics of different markets. It also shed new light on how to maximise performance when working with multi cultural teams.”

– Sean Beirne, Business Consultant

“I have attended many lectors on business courses over the last 10 years and have never seen any lecturer as well prepared and coordinated as Margit, her lector provided me with a deep insight in the key role that culture plays in international business. I would highly recommend her as both a mentor and a lecturer.”

– John O’Sullivan, Senior Investment Manager

Leading Collaboratively Training for Senior Executives at Glanbia Foods 2015 10 15 Ireland Dublin - workshop with IMI Glanbia on Leading Collaboratively 2

Dublin, Ireland. | Oct 2015 | 30 Senior Executives 

“Most well prepared speaker ever! Exceptional planning and very well organised keeping us active!”  “Love the interaction: you kept it active, had great job at keeping the dialog going and the energy levels up.”
“Excellent and practical dialog about communication through different leadership styles and strategies. Great situational role plays. Thank you!”

– Executives at Glanbia

Leadership and Energy Management training at the University of St Gallen2014 10 Switzerland St Gallen - visit - 02 Gitti in action

St. Gallen, Switzerland | Nov 2015 & Oct 2014  | > 50 participants. 

“Thanks for bringing managing change at work and in our life closer to our reality. In our MBA we are facing a lot of resilience challenges and your session was practical and pragmatic which was really helpful!”

– E. Gouny, MBA candidate


Change Management training for Empieza por Educar (Spanish entity of the Teach for All organisation) 2013 11 Spain Barcelona - 08 Workshop for the Empieza por Educar fellows

Madrid & Barcelona, Spain |Nov 2013 & Oct 2014 & Oct 2015 | > 100 participants.

“We had a wonderful training together! In addition to the great learning experience for the fellows and the staff members, Margit led this year (2014) a workshop that even improved its localisation and value to the participants over the previous ones. It is not only an example of preparation and execution but also on how to incorporate feedback and proactively read the audience interest and need. Thank you!”

– Alejandro Bremmermann, Liaison between DHL and Empieza por Educar

The full article from Paula Fuertes is available only in Spanish here.

“¿Puede un gnomo ganar a un gigante? Madrid apenas amanecía cuando la mayoría de nosotros salía de sus casScreen Shot 2015-01-23 at 22.20.12as rumbo a Aluche. Nuestras caras de sueño hablan por ellas mismas, “¿Una formación en sábado? Y, ¿qué será esto de Gestión del Cambio?”.

Pero nuestros gruñidos y quejas desaparecieron rápido, justo cuando entramos en el aula 1, y nos encontramos con la sonrisa de Gitti. Así se presentaba ante nosotros Margit Takacs de Viveros, Directora Asociada y Consultora Senior de Gestión del Cambio para DHL, dispuesta a hacernos disfrutar de un interesantísimo sábado y a convertirnos en unos verdaderos expertos de la Gestión del Cambio. […]” –Paula Fuertes, participante ExE 2013-2015


Communicating through Change/ Essentials of Change Mgmt. for Communications

Bonn, Germany TelePresence/ WebConference | Apr 2016 | 14 participants

“I gave Margit a challenge to fit the most relevant content in 2 hours time and run the session remotely. I must say that she did a fantastic job! I am always humbled and inspired by the passion she brings to the topic. It is a pleasure to work with her and I look forward to more collaboration in the future.”

– P. Monga, Head of Communication and Strategy & Planning


Strategy Day facilitation for a Global HR Transformation Programme Team

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 20.34.47Sinzig, Germany | Nov 2013 | 22 participants.

“Margit has the rare combination of being perceptive, reflective and results driven. She is a strong complement to all who typically focus on operations or “hard” data. Her results has converted more than one from thinking that Change Mgmt is just a bunch of common sense mixed up with good comms. I have seen her successfully lead a challenging Change Mgmt program, at numerous occasions deploy her first class facilitation skills driving a team towards results, and finally, she has an uncanny ability to “read” participants resistances/ enthusiasm. Her humility masks great strengths. ”

– Ulrika Karlsson, Senior Director Performance and Talent Management Programs, Deutsche Post DHL


Coaching & change training for Senior IT Leaders

Prague, Czech Republic | Mar 2014 | 15 participants. 

“I would like to say how refreshing today’s training with Margit was. She is a tough taskmaster, enforcing strict rules which we are not really used to, in order to ensure our full attention. However, nobody minded because she is obviously an expert in her field and knew exactly how to balance the topics using the right level of her personal experience, change management theory and our hands-on participation. Everything was accomplished with a calmness, grace and a sense of professionalism but enjoyment, too. She knew what she wanted to achieve and made sure that we all reached the goal and felt positive about the program. I hope we can have the opportunity to learn from her again sometime in the future.”

– Neil Smith, Head of Operations Delivery and Enterprise Tools, DHL


If you would like Margit to support you through training & consulting, leave a message on the Contact Me page, please.

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